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Injuries are a part of playing sports and every injury or muscle pain should be examined by a sports injury specialist as soon as possible. Properly evaluating and diagnosing sports injuries is vital to ensure that individuals do not suffer long term health issues associated with their injury. There are a variety of sports injuries that can occur, but some are much more common than others. Take a moment to examine some of the more typical, mild sports injuries and the various approaches, techniques and treatments a sports injury specialist can use to address them.

  1. Strains or Sprains

    Athletes who endure sprains or strains can relieve pain caused by this sports injury with a number of natural orthopaedic solutions. Various topical ointments are available that can greatly reduce discomfort caused by this type of sports injury. However, if a strain or sprain is especially severe, you may be referred to a surgeon with sports injury experience for immediate medical attention.

  2. Arthritis & Muscle Aches

    Those who endure extreme arthritis, chronic back pain, or issues such as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome can often find relief with the help of non-invasive orthopaedic remedies. For severe pain, viscosupplementation may be recommended, but only in cases of mild to moderate pain. If issues with arthritis continue to cause problems, it may be a good idea to explore additional options with an orthopaedic surgeon.

  3. Carpal Tunnel & Joint Pain

    Prolotherapy and mesotherapy are two effective non-surgical treatments for many cases of sports injuries like carpal tunnel. Mesotherapy injections are comprised of natural homeopathic substances that deliver pain relief to specific areas of the body. Prolotherapy is another completely safe treatment that can target specific tendons or joints to stimulate and speed up the body’s healing processes.

  4. Chronic Inflammation

    The cutting-edge Advanced Medical Imaging that is available at First Choice Clinic allows a sports injury specialist to locate the epicenter of any inflammation that may be causing discomfort. Finding the source of any inflammation makes it much easier to alleviate symptoms with a variety of orthopaedic treatments like biotheraputics or inflammation reducing topical ointment.

If you’re experiencing severe pain and are looking for relief, it may be worth your time to make an appointment with a sports injury specialist today. If you would like to learn more about various medical treatments to sports injuries, contact Diagnostic Health & Injury and get the help you deserve.

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