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Sports Injuries

Have a sports injury? Have you been told, “surgery is your only option”?

We don’t believe surgery is the only option, in fact it is the last resort.  Before you decide to go in for surgery we urge you to try our treatment programs.  It could save you a costly surgery, lengthy recovery time, and  future health problems.

Surgery is not your only choice

Being told you need surgery can strike fear in the hearts of the strongest athletes, but it’s not your only choice. Why? Sports therapy and rehabilitation can be a valid alternative to surgery – and it’s an alternative you may not even have heard of, until now.

Do you have a torn meniscus? Osteoarthritis of the knee caused by an old sports injury? A bad back? A torn rotator cuff? Or, tendonitis?

If you’ve got one of these or another sports-related injury, sports rehabilitation treatments can give you the healing you need without surgery — and recovery will be faster than that from surgery.

Why should you choose sports therapy and rehabilitation instead of surgery?

  • It’s noninvasive

In other words, no cutting. One example of a noninvasive treatment approach is bio-therapeutics. This treatment uses natural, homeopathic substances that help your body heal itself. They are given to you through cream, ointment, powder, capsule or tablet, or through painless trigger point or acupuncture injections. Discomfort is minor, and unlike surgical options you can continue your day immediately after the procedure

  • It’s personalized for you

Before you begin treatment, our team of experts will evaluate you; a treatment plan will be constructed especially for you and your needs.

  • It helps your body heal itself

Sports therapy and rehabilitation doesn’t just treat symptoms. Instead, it’s a holistic approach that focuses on helping your body heal itself. Your body’s own natural healing mechanisms will be used along with other tools so that you heal as quickly as possible.

  • It minimizes risk of further injury

Sports therapy and rehabilitation is the gift that keeps on giving. Your recovery is the focus while you’re undergoing treatment. However, we also focus on helping you stay strong — we teach you exercises and techniques that will get you back on your game AND help you avoid future injury.

  • There’s no “recovery” time

Surgery takes time, and so does recovery after surgery. Result? Your busy life is interrupted.

Ready to get well?

Sports therapy and rehabilitation simply fit into your schedule. We’ll show you how to avoid re-injury as you heal, but there’s no “recovery” needed after your treatments, unlike surgery.

Say good-bye to pain. Contact us at (337) 477-2876. Let’s get you started on your new life!

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