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spinal decompression

Spinal Decompression Therapy

The physical medicine professionals at Diagnostic Health & Injury Clinic use pressure release technology (or spinal decompression) as an alternative to invasive and risky back surgery. Pressure release technology relieves a patient’s chronic neck and back pain by gently stretching and realigning the vertebrae. As the spine is stretched, pockets of space are opened between each vertebra, allowing oxygen and healing fluid to penetrate the injured or herniated discs. This mild stretching can also allow the space for a herniated disc to move back into proper alignment.

By realigning the spine and repositioning herniated discs, unhealthy pressure on the spine vanishes, and surrounding constricted spinal nerves are released. This release of tension and replenishing of oxygen and fluid ensures the back and neck can fully heal.

Because Diagnostic Health & Injury Clinic offers such a wide variety of services, a customized plan for chronic pain management or treatment of other health conditions can be created to benefit each individual patient.

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