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Range of Motion Therapy for Pain Relief

In most instances when we are injured, we lose the full extent of our range of motion. Connective tissues surrounding joints (i.e. ligaments, tendons) are commonly shortened due to trauma. This meager range of motion causes stiffness, the loss of proper muscle function, great difficulty with routine movement and activities. Our range of motion is crucial to our day-to-day lives, and it is something that must be obtained.

At Diagnostic Health & Injury Clinic we specialize in range of motion therapy for patients who have experienced injuries or have conditions that suppress their range. Range of motion therapy is a hands-on technique that functions as a stress reducer and also aids the muscles and ligaments. Our physical therapist are all highly experienced and trained to provide you the best treatment possible.

If you are suffering from limited range of motion caused by an injury or just daily stress on the body, then please contact Diagnostic Health & Injury Clinic as soon as possible for the best results.

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