Pressure Release Therapy | Treating Common Muscle Injuries

pressure release therapy

Pressure Release Therapy

Pressure Release Therapy, also known as Active Release Therapy, is a new approach in treating injuries to nerves, tendons, muscles and surrounding soft tissues. At Diagnostic Health & Injury we use this therapy to help reduce pain from golfer’s elbow, rotator cuff syndrome, carpal tunnel, shin splints, headaches, frozen shoulder and tennis elbow.

Treating Injuries with Pressure Release Therapy

Pressure Release Therapy can help us pinpoint the route of the adhesions that are causing pain. This therapy works to reduce scar tissue from an injury by loosening the muscles to increase circulation and decrease the internal friction and tension in the muscles. We perform this therapy by applying pressure with our thumbs over the painful areas in the same direction as the fibres and have our patient elongate their muscles while we continue to apply tension. By breaking up the adhesions, we can restore proper blood flow back into the tissues, allowing for our patients’ condition to steadily improve.

Pressure Release Therapy is non-invasive, safe and has virtually no side effects. The treatments usually take about 15-20 minutes per area treated and may require up to 8 visits for full healing to take place. During the therapy, patients may feel uncomfortable during the pressure phases around the scar tissue or as the painful adhesion breaks up, but most of our patients report it being a ‘good kind of pain’. This uncomfortable part is only temporary and will subside almost immediately after the therapy.

Who Can Benefit from Pressure Release Therapy

This treatment is highly successful for athletes, those who lead active lifestyles and for those who sit at a desk all day long. Daily activities that are repetitive can cause stress, which can result in the formation of scar tissue around your soft tissues (tendons, ligaments, nerves and muscles). This stress can cause chronic pain, decreased range of motion, stiffness, tightness, numbness and weakness. Pressure Release Therapy is very effective in treating these symptoms and usually very fast at producing positive results.*

The pain management specialists at Diagnostic will find the root cause of your painful injury. Once our experts identify the source of your pain we can provide a customized pain management program designed for your specific pain needs. Call us today to get started.

*As with all medical treatments, results vary from patient to patient*

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