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The Highest Quality Care

From head to toe we have you covered. We combine physical therapists and chiropractors together to provide you optimum care for a safe and speedy recovery. No matter the aliment we have the solution at Diagnostic Health & Injury.


Functional Neurology is the practice of neurology without drugs or invasive surgery measures. By studying how the brain functions using non-invasive diagnostic tools we are able to assess many conditions.

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We utilize the most advanced chiropractic care techniques to cover a wide range of painful conditions including back pain, neck pain, knee pain, sciatica, sports, repetitive motion injuries and more. Our treatments and specialized programs will help you heal faster and better than ever before.

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Sports Medicine

At Diagnostic Health & Injury, we provide comprehensive sports medicine services for athletes and non-athletes of all ages. Our doctors and rehabilitation therapists are known for their expertise in managing athletic injuries, treating injuries of the elbow, shoulder, knee, hip, ankle and foot. Our goal is to help people remain healthy and active for their entire lives.

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Braces & Support

Diagnostic Health & Injury Clinic provides medical equipment to aid you in your recovery and rehabilitation with braces, supports, belts, traction units and pillows. Our equipment is comfortable and designed to help you improve healing and reduce recovery time.

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Weight Loss

We offer advanced weight loss and nutrition programs that are unique to each patient in a clinical and supportive environment. With our weight management services you will lower your cholesterol levels, lower your blood pressure and increase your energy, while losing those extra pounds.

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Our professionals specialize in providing injections, lab testings, X-Rays and procedures to diagnose and relieve pain in all areas of the spine (lumbar, thoracic and cervical), as well as joints (hip, wrist, shoulder, etc.). Our radiologists have advanced skills in neuro and musculoskeletal imaging. This focus combined with our image-guided approach, ensures that your diagnostic procedure is safe and accurate.

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