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    Peripheral Neuropathy can be a difficult condition to treat and we’ve found that the key is the proper diagnosis and locating the origin of the nerve damage. Our specialty is just that, finding the origin of the nerve damage. Once we zero-in on the nerve damage our focused therapies work to recondition the nerve response and reduce the discomfort and pain.

    Peripheral neuropathy treatment commonly includes taking medication, but that course of action only addresses the symptoms, making it a temporary fix. Even though the patient may have relief from the discomfort and pain, the symptoms will return when the medication wears off. Fortunately, Diagnostic Health & Injury Clinic takes a multi-disciplinary approach to wellness, and has cutting edge treatments available for peripheral neuropathy.

    Early diagnosis and treatment can make all the difference in reversing the affects of nerve pain. By reconditioning the nerve response early, muscle functions and sensations of the affected extremities are more likely to return to normal as the discomfort subsides.

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    What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

    Peripheral neuropathy is a condition of the peripheral nervous system that affects an estimated twenty million Americans. Symptoms usually start out as a change of sensation in the feet, like tingling, numbness, or burning, and can range in severity from mild discomfort to intense pain. These symptoms often get worse at night, robbing the patient of sleep, or get worse during standing, interfering with daily activities.

    The challenge of peripheral neuropathy is that even though the symptoms might be tingling arms or tingling feet, the damage could be anywhere in the nervous system. It could be that the nerves of the arms or feet are damaged, but the problem could also be anywhere along the path to the parietal lobe, or even in the parietal lobe itself. Sometimes a patient seems to be suffering from peripheral neuropathy, when the true issue that needs to be addressed is weakness in the parietal lobe.

    Another problem of peripheral neuropathy is determining whether the underlying cause is illness. A patient could be suffering from diabetic peripheral neuropathy, but neuropathy causes also include alcoholism, a poor diet, a reaction to certain medications like chemotherapy, or an autoimmune disease, like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and Guillain-Barre syndrome. Many people, in fact, have a combination of causes contributing to their symptoms.

    Because Diagnostic Health & Injury Clinic offers such a wide variety of services, a customized plan for chronic pain management or treatment of other health conditions can be created to benefit each individual patient.

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