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 Delivering Equity to your Brain and Body

Dealing with neurological conditions is a specialty for Diagnostic Health & Injury Clinic. Our board-certified Chiropractors offer new hope to those who have not found relief from conventional treatment.

Neurological disorders can be a warning that there is an imbalance in your nervous system. Neurological imbalances can occur from  trauma, nutritional issues, emotional or physical stress and poor posture. It is common for patients with neurological conditions to experience poor health, chronic pain and cognitive dysfunction that can be traced back to brain imbalances.

At Diagnostic Health& Injury Clinic we execute a thorough evaluation and examination of each patient to locate the source of the neurological condition. We then create unique treatment plans for each individual to expedite enhanced brain function and relieve symptoms. We believe that a balanced brain can create a balanced body and overall optimal health in our patients.

Common Neurological Conditions we treat:

Chiropractic Neurology and nutritional guidance can assist patients in relieving stress and supporting optimal brain function. Our board-certified Chiropractic Neurologists can help restore balance through natural methods. Please contact us today for your free consultation ($500 value).

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