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Neck Pain Relief

Diagnostic Health & Injury Clinic offers a variety of non-invasive treatments for neck pain, in keeping with the clinic’s commitment to evidence based approaches to chronic pain management. The neck is delicate, yet strong, with the neck and spine carrying about 10 pounds of weight by supporting the human head. Through the use of various physical medicine techniques, Diagnostic Health & Injury offers neck pain treatment to alleviate both acute and chronic neck pain.

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Neck pain causes are numerous, and therapy for neck pain must focus on accurate diagnosis, in order to be effective. Pain can be caused by irritation, inflammation, injury, or infection, and frequently results from irritation of the cervical nerve roots, encroachment of the vascular supply in the vertebral canal, or invasion of the cord in the spinal canal. An unhealthy neck may develop an abnormal curve, reducing to the point of becoming straight, or even reversing its curve. Arthritis can have an impact on the vertebrae in the neck, cause disc thinning or degeneration, and even cause muscles and ligaments to deteriorate. These changes may or may not cause pain, so it’s important for your physician to make a thorough examination, to determine the exact source of your problem. Once an accurate diagnosis is made, a treatment plan can be designed to provide neck pain relief.

At Diagnostic Health & Injury Clinic, a thorough neurological examination determines which part of the nervous system is not functioning properly, and a treatment program is customized to meet the patient’s individual needs. Neck pain therapy involves many avenues of treatment, including spinal adjustments, physical therapy, or massage therapy.

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