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Injury Care

Responsive Treatments

Quick Relief & Recovery

Don't wait to get a proper diagnosis and treatment for an injury. Our team works to evaluate your pain and treat the source for a quick recovery. To make it worry free we have a claims specialist that will assist you and submit your claim.

Sports Injuries

Active lifestyles and the occasional injury from recreational sports are very common. We frequently help athletes with their sports injuries and soft tissue strains and sprains. If these injuries go untreated without proper diagnosis and physical therapy they can become long-term chronic problems. We can help you get back to playing.

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Car Accident Injuries

Pain relief from an auto accident injury is our first objective as we diagnose and treat your car accident injury. Then we’ll help you with the insurance claim. We’ll provide diagnosis records and the proper documents for your attorney as we submit your claim to the insurance company for you. This will reduce or eliminate your out of pocket costs.

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Workplace Injuries

Repetitive motion, unsafe work environments and physically demanding jobs inevitably cause a workplace injury. From carpal tunnel to a slipped disc in the lower back we can help you get back to work quickly. We’ll even help facilitate the insurance claim and work with your employer or attorney. We believe that you should only worry about healing.