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Functional Neurology

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• Reactivate Your Nervous System
• Maximum Recovery

What is Functional Neurology?

Functional Neurology is the practice of neurology without drugs or invasive surgery measures. By studying how the brain functions using non-invasive diagnostic tools we are able to assess many conditions. These conditions can range from mild to severe. Once we understand how your condition is being affected neurologically we can begin to rehabilitate certain parts of the brain, spine and joints with personalized exercises and tasks. These rehabilitation exercises have a profound outcome on a patient’s pain, behavior, mood, movement, cognition, and overall well being.

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Breakthrough Therapies

Our innovative therapies help improve impaired function by leveraging your brain’s natural ability to repair itself. Our therapies target affected areas with particular activities to help rebuild neural pathways. Therapy regimens include balance training using equipment that provides for computer controlled and tracked progress. We use an Off Vertical Axis Rotational Device to encourage neural activity in precisely targeted regions of the brain and repeated peripheral somatosensory stimulation designed to reactive your nervous system where abilities have been compromised. We combine this with visual, physical and speech therapies to support each patient’s therapeutic path and to keep them on track to maximum recovery.

How can Functional Neurology Eliminate Pain & Improve Brain Functions?

Aside from the obvious brain disorders, functional neuropathy helps many patients identify weaker functions they may not have been aware of previously. Functional neuropathy allows patients to discover symptoms early before they become a significant problem and allows patients to reduce their risk of advanced brain, spine, muscle and joint disorders that may appear later in life.

What can I Expect at a Functional Neurology Exam?

Decades of scientific studies have established that the eyes can help us identify cues about brain functions. For example we can stimulate the brain by using movements (such as turning a patient around in a chair), visual stimulation (such as moving a striped optokinetic tape across the field of vision), sounds, or vibration with a tuning fork, and then observe how the patients brain reacted to this input by observing the movement of the eyes.
We can get a closer look at a patient’s reaction to stimuli with the use of special goggles that magnify the eyes on a computer screen. This is called Visual Nystagmography.

Exam Includes:

  1. Comprehensive physical exam documents the patient’s current condition
  2. Gold-standard diagnostic testing records baseline capabilities & deficit
  3. Analysis by our Board Certified Neurologist to pinpoint the areas of the brain requiring therapy
  4. Individualized and immersive treatment plan is created

Your Diagnosis: Select if you have a known condition

We combine evidence-based diagnostics with leading-edge technologies and treatments to quickly improve quality of life for patients and their families dealing with a wide range of brain-related injuries and disorders.

Our Treatment Plan For You

We know that every patient is unique, therefore we provide all our patients with individualized care programs that are arranged to address particular impairments identified through diagnostic testing. Developed by our multidisciplinary care team, the individualized plan includes an in-depth regime of in-office therapies, treatments and simple in-home exercises that are all uniquely picked out and combined to meet our patient’s particular conditions.
We allow treatments to begin immediately after diagnosis and we start with multiple daily sessions over a weeklong period. Progress in our patients is measured frequently to provide swift feedback and allow refinement of the program as necessary to accomplish the desired results.

Why Choose Us

  • Leading-edge brain health management and rehabilition
  • Multidisciplinary team of board certified Function Neurologists
  • Immersive care and new technologies accelerate measurable improvements
  • Proactive options for improving quality of life for you or a loved one
  • Renewed hope backed by science and encouraging measurable results

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