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Diagnostic Testing For Chronic Back Pain

Diagnosis: the foundation of treatment

diagnosticsIt’s easy when we are in pain to be focused on immediate treatment. However, accurate diagnosis is the only way that your treatments can ultimately be effective. Chronic back pain diagnosis can help you zero in on exactly what might be wrong anatomically.

It’s easy to be overconfident with these tests, though. In order to understand your condition, your chiropractor will look at the results of tests in relationship to the symptoms you experience and their own professional observations.

Standard diagnostics

There are three standard diagnostic tests:

·      X-ray – X-rays allow your chiropractor to see alignment and any deterioration of bones in your spine. Doctors often use this form of imaging to see if bones are broken or tumors are present.

·      CT scan – A computed tomography (CT) scan provides more comprehensive imaging, bringing together X-rays and computers to create cross-sections of the area being examined. “A CT scan lets your doctor see the size, shape, and position of structures that are deep inside your body, such as organs, tissues, or tumors,” explained the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

·      MRI – Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contributes to back pain diagnosis by allowing a doctor to get a better view of your spinal discs and nerves, so they can spot places where impingement is occurring.

Specialized diagnostics

Keep in mind that back pain conditions are extraordinarily complex, and misdiagnosis can mean the difference between needlessly suffering and getting back your quality of life. When suffering from back pain, Lake Charles residents can benefit from these specialized diagnostic tests:

·      Digital motion X-rays – This technology captures your body in motion, a dynamic rather than static representation. Chiropractors will often spot ligament damage that they can’t otherwise observe.

·      EMG/NCV nerve tests – By testing the nerves, chiropractors can gauge the speed of signals to find any places where nerves or muscles are dysfunctional.

·      VNG tests – By monitoring eye-movement, this method is used to check if an inner ear disease is contributing to difficulties with equilibrium that may exist alongside back pain.

·      NeuroCom diagnostics – These tools are also geared toward more well-rounded assessment of those with balance difficulties, helpful to determining any structural issues.

·      Lab tests – You’ll experience optimal recovery from back pain by incorporating wellness principles and preventive tactics into your rehabilitation. Lab tests can determine issues that you can address so that chronic health problems are less likely to arise or persist.

The right partner for diagnosis

According to a 2014 study, 12 million Americans are misdiagnosed every year. That means their treatments are then not suited to their actual health conditions.

When faced with back pain, Lake Charles residents fundamentally deserve the right diagnosis. At Diagnostic Health & Injury, that’s central to our mission. Make an appointment today.