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Your Spine & Blood Sugar

New research shows that there is a benefit to having chiropractic care during a diabetes treatment. This new research shows that chiropractic care may be an a great addition for those with diabetes as it can help control blood sugar levels.

Balancing Blood Sugar

Controlling blood sugar levels is something those with diabetes have to monitor on a daily basis. Those with Type 2 diabetes can often control their blood sugar levels through healthy diets and daily fitness activities. However, for some individuals the use of medications such as insulin is needed to help with their blood sugar levels. Adding chiropractic care to a diabetes treatment could cut down the risk of internal damage to the body’s organs from being exposed to high blood glucose levels for long periods of time.

In order to balance proper levels of glucose in the blood, the pancreas discharges insulin into the body. If problems in the spine are affecting blood flow to the pancreas, chiropractic treatments can stimulate the spine to help correct the proper blood circulation released in the body.

Another way chiropractic treatment can help those who have diabetes is by removing pressed nerves on the spine to allow for a reestablished connection between the brain and the systems that are involved in the body’s metabolism and endocrine system. This can allow the body to naturally heal itself if when the nervous system is working properly.

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