Pain Management Lake Charles | Treating Painful Conditions

Conditions & Symptoms

Where Does it Hurt?

Pain is a symptom and our body's signal. Our doctors listen to these signals and work with you to find out why and then determine the best approach to treat your condition. From complex nerve disorders, to joint pain and back pain, we can help you.

Arms & Hands

Arm, wrist, shoulder or hand pain is not something to be ignored. Pain and other problems in the hands, shoulders, wrists and arms can be caused by injury, certain activities and other health problems. Our pain experts will properly diagnose your arm, hand or wrist pain and provide you with optimal treatments to help your painful condition.

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Correctly identifying medical problems of the spinal origin and treating them early is critical not only to bring comfort, but also to prevent further complications. At Diagnostic Health & Injury Clinic, our team of medical doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors work together to treat your back or neck pain in the least invasive and most effective way we can.

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Lower Body

We provide a variety of treatment options for our patients suffering from knee, hip, ankle or foot pain conditions. Our goal is to relieve your hip, knee or foot pain and improve function to increase your quality of life.

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Dealing with neurological conditions is a specialty for Diagnostic Health & Injury Clinic. Our board-certified Chiropractors offer new hope to those who have not found relief from conventional treatment.

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Chiropractic treatments may be an adequate addition to the medical treatments for helping control blood sugar levels in diabetics. Stimulating the spine to help correct the proper blood circulation can have a positive impact on the body to release insulin naturally. If you suffer with diabetes, significantly improve your quality of life with chiropractic treatments from Diagnostic Health & Injury.

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A lethargic or overactive thyroid gland can establish a wide range of chronic health problems, from fatigue to gastrointestinal issues. In many cases patients can have chiropractic adjustments and other natural healing techniques to enjoy normal function once again. We are happy to make these therapies available to our patients suffering from thyroid problems.

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