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What You Need to Know About Your Thyroid

If you suffer from thyroid disease – such as hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Graves’ disease, or Hashimoto’s disease – nutrition can make a big difference. Here are seven dietary considerations so you can optimize your thyroid health. Goitrogens Foods that are high in compounds called goitrogens can make the thyroid bigger, creating a goiter. They are also […]


Diagnostic Testing For Chronic Back Pain

Diagnosis: the foundation of treatment It’s easy when we are in pain to be focused on immediate treatment. However, accurate diagnosis is the only way that your treatments can ultimately be effective. Chronic back pain diagnosis can help you zero in on exactly what might be wrong anatomically. It’s easy to be overconfident with these […]


Chiropractic Care Can Benefit Your Overall Health

Whether you receive chiropractic care for preventive, routine maintenance or for recovery from a specific issue, you are among the many Americans benefiting from this essential form of healthcare. Although some people still remain skeptical about the profession, the positive results experienced by millions are undeniable, so chiropractic continues to grow in popularity: 15% more […]


How Lack of Sleep Can Impact Performance

Sleep can hurt the quality of your decision-making, worklife, emotional health, and self-protection. If you’re having difficulty with your focus or memory, it may be due to sleep deprivation. Sleeping for under six hours each night damages your mental clarity and emotional balance. Based on recent research, experts agree that not getting enough sleep can […]


Get To Know Your Thyroid Gland

Are you experiencing symptoms such as anxiety, chronic pain, an inexplicable rise in weight, frequent colds, and/or skin dryness? It could be your thyroid. In the case of natural health personality Kris Carr, the main symptom she was experiencing was fatigue. After visiting various doctors and extensively researching the topic of low energy in conjunction […]


Naturally Eliminate Your Nerve Pain

Nerve pain, aka neuropathic pain, is most often associated with diabetes but can also arise from shingles, fibromyalgia, and even chemotherapy. According to The Neuropathy Association, a staggering 1 in 15 people suffer from neuropathic pain, making it a leading cause of disability. At this point, many doctors don’t know how to treat neuropathy, incorrectly […]


How to Prevent Back Pain At Work

When it comes to chronic pain, both as an individual quality-of-life factor and public health issue, it’s critical that we focus on the workplace. The topic of pain at work is becoming increasingly important because we are spending so much time on the job. Just look at the statistics. Employed people are spending more time […]


Fight Back Against Fibromyalgia Fatigue

Typically when we think about fibromyalgia, our mind immediately goes to chronic pain. However, another symptom of the disorder, fatigue, can also be extraordinarily disruptive to your life, while also amplifying the aching and contributing to mood disorders – in turn making it more difficult to operate effectively with a lower level of energy. In other words, […]


How Your Body Maintains its Balance

Balance is critical to our ability to move around and perform day-to-day tasks. Although balance is involved in so many aspects of our lives, it operates in the background; most of us take it for granted. If you do develop a problem with balance, the health condition can result in: ·      disability ·      falls ·      […]


Dry Needling for Knee Pain Relief

When patients are treated with dry needling, the practitioner pushes tiny needles into the body at trigger points or other areas that need alleviation. “The therapy is designed to release trigger points by engaging and twisting the muscle fibers with the needle,” says New Hampshire acupuncturist Paul Mosier. Muscles are often irritated in the process, […]

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