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Help with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a condition identified by developmentally incorrect levels of negligence, hyperactivity and abrupt behavior. To be diagnosed, the condition must cause compelling impairment in everyday functioning in at least two settings, usually meaning a child’s symptoms are active during school and at home for at least six months.

Individuals with attention disorders may indicate the following symptoms:

  • Difficult time paying attention.
  • Daydreams frequently.
  • Does not seem to listen.
  • Are easily distracted from schoolwork or play.
  • Are Forgetful.
  • Are in constant motion or unable to stay still.

ADHD and Our Treatment Programs

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have parts within their brains that fail to connect when they pursuit a task that measures attention. This connectivity problem is called functional disconnection syndrome, an imbalance in brain communication that causes developmentally improper behaviors.

Since the right hemisphere of the brain balances impulsivity, attention and social behavior, a child with reduced right brain activity may be hyperactive, oppositional, rowdy and even intrusive. Our treatment program, Neural FX, incorporates customized sensory-motor and intellectual activities that aim to enhance the right brain connectivity leading to a reduction or elimination of behavioral symptoms. Neural FX is a Non Surgical Neurologic treatment system that resets the way your brain communicates with your body to dramatically reduce pain, accelerate healing and strengthen muscles by focusing on correcting sensory motor dysfunction. In addition, our nutritional guidelines are backed by recent research that stresses the importance of a healthy diet in reducing symptoms of this disorder.

Help and Hope for ADHD

Once considered impossible, we now know that our brain can advance and change throughout our lifetime. This paradox, called neuroplasticity, is at the heart of our ADHD treatment program. Our drug-free, integrated approach for treating ADHD brings parents and kids together to accomplish a common goal of improving the child’s focus and attention, leading to a more prosperous personal and academic life.

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Children, ADD/ADHD & Chiropractic

Children with ADD/ADHD often have difficulties with impulse control, attention span, restless movement, blurting out words or phrases, staying on task, reading comprehension, math word problems, understanding social skills, understanding the big picture (concepts), being able to focus on things that they are not interested in, poor posture and many other symptoms depending on the individuals genetic predisposition and environmental elements. These symptoms are most often due to a right brain functional weakness and particularly the right dorsal lateral pre-frontal cortex (i.e. the right, front portion of the brain). Some of the functions of this part of the brain are motor planning, executive function and inhibition of the emotional centers of the brain. The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for putting the brakes on thoughts and movement which is why these children have problems with impulse control and sitting still etc. Often these children have amazing memories, can do math facts without word problems, can read the words on a page but have difficulty understanding the concepts after they read it. This is because they have a functionally strong left-brain relative to the right brain. The problem develops because there is a functional disconnection between the hemispheres of the brain. It is like an orchestra where there is one part not working in concert with the rest, which throws the whole production off.

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ADD/ADHD Symptoms

ADD/ADHD is a brain integration issue and the symptoms are most often cause by the right frontal lobe not firing enough. Generally speaking, the right hemisphere is responsible for generating ‘withdrawing’ responses and the left is responsible for ‘approach’ behaviors. The right hemisphere is also more ‘sensory’ and ‘passive’ where the left is more ‘doing’. The right is more ‘where’ and the left is more ‘what’. That being said children with a right brain functional deficit often have problems with spatial awareness, especially personal space (they can be a bull in the china shop so to speak). They can have difficulty perceiving their effect on people around them. Difficulty with “comprehension”, inference, and reading between the lines is common. Decreased ability to pay attention, distractibility, hyperactivity, impulsivity and compulsive behaviors is one of the most common parental and teacher observations of these children. Poor timing skills (front-cerebellar) and poor posture is as well. A parent was telling me recently that her daughter is overly sensitive to sounds and smells and this is typically a right brain deficit because certain sensory pathways aren’t being adequately inhibited by the frontal lobe thus allowing sensations to reach threshold too easily. Problems understanding body language, facial expression and ‘social learning’ or non-verbal communication is commonplace with ADD/ADHD. Unfiltered withdrawal responses–very black and white responses to sensory stimulation takes place because the “brakes” aren’t being put on by the right brain.

Treatments for ADD/ADHD

Our treatment uses different brain based therapies to improve ADD/ADHD signs and symptoms. We access the areas of the brain that need stimulation by different brain based modalities. For example, we will adjust the child on one side of the body to specifically activate one side of the brain via the cerebellum. We will have the patient do exercises that specifically activate the muscle receptors on one side of the body to stimulate the right brain. Specific music therapy that has been researched and shown to increase the right hemisphere activity is also extremely beneficial (it is the opposite type of music that most children listen to). We utilize the Interactive Metronome (Interactive, which is a device that works extremely well at stimulating and creating neuroplasticity (stronger connections and integration) in the frontal lobe and particularly the right frontal lobe. We also employ eye exercises that activate the right frontal lobe. The entire focus of the functional neurological approach is to increase activation in the brain where there is decreased function.
Many children’s lives have been positively changed because of our approach. Parents and teachers notice improved social behavior, better focus, improved attention span, significant decrease and often cessation of overt impulsivity, improved posture, better self-esteem, more confidence, and better grades. It is not uncommon for teachers to comment that they have noticed a dramatic improvement in math and reading comprehension. They also comment that their behavior in the classroom is dramatically improved. Often these children will go from being in a special Ed program to excelling in the mainstream classroom. It is often life changing for the child, the parents, and the teachers. The care we provide for these children is life changing. It could make the difference between your child going to college or not. Also, it could be the difference that allows your child to excel in school and stay out of trouble as well. Healthy academic, social, and emotional development is crucial for life and it is my goal to help these children maximize their potential. If you would like to have your child come in for a free consultation then call the number below.

The causes of ADD/ADHD are extraordinarily complex:

  • Toxic chemicals
  • Heavy metals
  • Gluten, casein and soy intolerance
  • Yeast (candida)
  • Leaky gut barrier
  • Leaky blood brain barrier
  • Immune System Imbalance (autoimmune, deficiency)
  • Genetics
  • Neuroinflammation
  • Functional Disconnection Syndrome

All of them must be investigated if your child is ever going to be social, or live an independent, productive life.

Too many well-intentioned doctors and therapists don’t understand this BIG picture..that each child is unique. One-size-fits-all cookie cuter programs are doomed to fail for at least 50% of children.

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